Third “Biogas and Biomethane in Poland 2023” report to be published imminently

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The third edition of the Biogas and Biomethane in Poland report will be released and published online this spring.
The report is the most important and comprehensive publication on the market devoted to the biogas industry, and has been created in cooperation with leading scientific units, experts and industry associations.
The report contains up-to-date, scientifically proven and expert-analysed data and articles affecting the public debate on biogas in Poland.
This prestigious publication, supported by leading players on the biogas and biomethane market, is the most frequently chosen paper by international companies interested in the Polish biogas market.
The third edition of the report, which summarises last year’s industry activity and recommends beneficial solutions to the industry, will appear on the market in April 2023 and will also be available in English.
The 2020 and 2022 editions have already been downloaded by over 4,000 professionals from Poland and abroad.
The 2023 report will include:
1. The current situation of the biogas and biomethane industry in Poland compared to the other EU countries,
2. Profitability of biogas and biomethane production,
3. Feedstock availability and digestate regulations,
4. Overview of biogas and biomethane investments in the country,
5. Comments and recommendations of industry experts,
6. Directory of biogas companies 2023.
The "Biogas and biomethane in Poland 2023" report will reach:
• national government administration,
• representatives of local governments and councils,
• institutions responsible for creating Poland's energy policy,
• management staff of energy, fuel and gas companies,
• representatives of the biogas and biomethane industry in Poland,
• companies from the agri-food sector,
• industry associations,
• Agricultural Advisory Centres,
• scientific institutions
The report is a FREE publication available to download from www.magazynbiomasa.pl.

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