“The water scrubber that conquered the UK”

“Water scrub technology remains the optimal solution for biogas upgrading in the industrial sector,” according to Malmberg, an international cleantech company based in Sweden.

Malmberg, with 155 years of experience, has created a high-quality product capable of guaranteeing unique performance such as 98% availability, economic and environmental stability for the customer and the surrounding environment. The robustness of the COMPACT GR Malmberg plant allows the end-user to avoid using expensive pretreatment equipment, eliminating (where necessary) the harmful impurities downstream of the upgrading plant, instead of upstream.

These impurities (hydrogen sulphide, volatile organic compounds (VOC), siloxanes) are processed inside the upgrader, reducing their content by approximately one third. In this way, the operating costs of the plant are drastically reduced.

Malmberg's mission is to minimise operating costs, ensure the plant’s longevity and deliver a fully sustainable solution. The organisation has recently developed a new technical solution for CO2 capture to further reduce emissions and ensuring more revenues for...

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