The trading game

Reliable and simple: additional revenue through Europe-wide biomethane trading with bmp greengas.

Funding or no funding? Certification or no certification? Short- or long-term contracts? Biomethane trading is less time-consuming if, as a plant operator, you are working with experts.

bmp greengas is a major European biomethane marketer helping with engineering, certification and commercial knowledge as well as optimal contracts for better planning security — regardless of the country of origin or the received subsidies.

The company’s contracts with production partners typically have a term of around 10 years. Guaranteed purchase quantities with the required flexibility and a fixed purchase price per kilowatt-hour secure the plant’s revenues every month and at the same time leave enough room for potential ups and downs in production during the plant’s lifecycle.

bmp greengas is one of the few providers on the European market using this approach. The company’s offtaking contracts are bankable and offer plant operators investment security. Additionally, due to their seriousness and...

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