The secret to optimising biogas production

Specialists at Eco Verde Energy and Omex Environmental reveal their top tips and tricks for getting AD plant biology right.

Close monitoring of what is going on inside an anaerobic digestion (AD) tank is essential to identify and resolve problems, prevent expensive equipment breakdowns and maximise biogas outputs and profit.

In this exclusive article, Richard Braybrooke, director at specialist AD operations company Eco Verde Energy (EVE) and David Lisle, technical sales executive at Omex Environmental, reveal their tips, tricks and advice on how to get AD plant biology right.

To start, Braybrooke shares a simple rule of thumb for optimising the biological processes inside an AD plant.

“For efficient digestion, the feedstock which goes into the tank needs to be retained there as long as possible, to maximise the biogas yield and reduce the volume of digestate pumped into the lagoon,” he said. “However, with the number and complexity of chemical and biological processes going on, there is scope for things to go wrong.” He stressed that operators need to monitor the biological state of the...

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