The profitable pellet mill

Joel Dulin of Biomass Engineering & Equipment explains the key components to running a lucrative pellet mill.

While answering questions about his company’s machines, Biomass Engineering & Equipment’s president told the prospective customer: “Our conveyors aren’t cheap.” The man replied: “I can’t afford cheap.” After decades in the business, this mill owner had learned that ‘cheap’ costs more than quality, so he was willing to entertain a premium solution.

From experience, it seems this man is a rarity. When it comes to production equipment—pelletisers, hammer mills, conditioners — owners usually spare no expense. They see the value in such equipment, and they know the investment will pay for itself; but these same owners will often connect production with the cheapest-bid material handling equipment they can find and adopt inefficient methods to receive and feed material into their mill.

It’s understandable why they do this: conveyors, disc screens, and silos don’t produce anything, so owners will often not value them as they do production equipment. Yet, these systems so...

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