The benefits of biomethane as a short- and long-term decarbonisation solution

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Victoria Mustard, decarbonisation strategy lead at Xoserve, the Central Data Services Provider (CDSP) for the gas industry, explains how the UK can future-proof its energy system.
The ambition to deliver a sustainable future and move away from fossil fuels as an energy source is becoming ever more pressing. With our reliance on fossil fuels dramatically highlighted by the current energy crisis, grid constraints delaying renewable generation and a lower-than-expected uptake of heat pumps to reduce carbon emissions, the last two years have shown that the task of managing the competing demands of energy security, sustainability and affordability is not a simple one.
How the UK can reach net-zero by 2050 is arguably the most difficult question posed to our government in our lifetime.
In the last 12 months, green energy has made huge strides in production levels.
In May, the UK generated 1 trillion kWh of electricity from renewable sources, enough to power homes for 12 years. With renewable electricity making such significant progress, what role will low carbon gas have to play in supporting net-zero?
Reducing carbon content in the...

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