The answer to your dust nightmares

Camren May, bulk handling product manager at Con-Vey, explains how its tube belt conveyor can reduce dust issues in biomass plants.

Over the years, as I have visited plants and listened to the stories told by my seasoned co-workers, I have seen a common denominator across almost every facility: they all face clean-up issues around the raw material infeed areas,” said Con-Vey’s bulk handling product manager, Camren May.

When a slight breeze picks up around these infeed areas, small particulates are blown to the ground or on to the rafters and create issues of dust build-up.

“That build-up is a ticking time bomb for a dust explosion, and the material on the ground is a safety issue for personnel,” said May.

So how can this widespread issue be resolved? Install a tube belt conveyor. Because they control dust and minimise maintenance, Con-Vey’s totally-enclosed tube belt conveyors (TBC) are a great solution for transferring a variety of products in a wood producing plant such as fibre, sawdust, wood waste, hog fuel, bark, chips, and more. Depending on the volume and product being...

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