TES awards e-NG feasibility study to Aker Carbon Capture

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TES has awarded a feasibility study to Aker Carbon Capture to explore the implementation of a carbon capture plant at a waste-to-energy facility in Germany.
The planned capture capacity will be 400,000 tonnes CO2 per year. The captured CO2 will be transported by railcar to the TES facilities at Wilhelmshaven in Northern Germany to produce e-NG, which is electric natural gas derived from green hydrogen and CO2.
“We look forward to the collaboration with Aker Carbon Capture on our route towards net-zero," said Jens Schmidt, chief technology officer at TES. "This evaluation of an industrial scale project will allow us to select the best of different available capture technologies based on real-life performance going forward in massive scale up.”
The study will assess the optimal CO2 capture, conditioning, liquefaction and temporary storage facility.
The captured CO2 will be the source material to produce e-NG, which is a sustainable alternative to fossil natural gas.
It is created by combining green hydrogen from renewable power with recycled CO2 from industrial emissions and biogenic CO2, to create 'synthetic methane' or 'green gas'.
This conversion will take place in a region where green electricity and therefore green hydrogen is plentiful, making it highly cost effective, according to TES.
By 2030, TES plans to produce around 15 TWh of e-NG annually, which is equivalent to 0.4 megatons of green hydrogen.


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