Terragia raised $6m for innovative biomass process

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Terragia Biofuel, a technology startup aiming to drive the next generation of biofuels, has raised a $6 million (€5.5 million) seed round led by Engine Ventures and Energy Impact Partners (EIP).
The company will use the capital to commercialise its novel biology-based approach to converting cellulosic biomass into ethanol and other products, expand its employee headcount and initiate partnerships with major biofuel producers.
Terragia uses engineered thermophilic bacteria to break down cellulosic biomass and convert it into ethanol and other chemical products. The company’s technology avoids key features responsible for the high cost of conventional cellulosic biofuel production by one-step “consolidated” bioprocessing without added enzymes, and leveraging mechanical disruption during fermentation in lieu of thermochemical pretreatment.
Director of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory Martin Keller commented: “Cellulosic biofuels are a route to low-carbon fuels for aviation and other difficult-to-electrify transport modes as well as CO2 removal from the atmosphere, both of which are critical for climate stabilisation.
"One-step biological conversion of cellulosic biomass without added enzymes or thermochemical pretreatment has clear cost reduction potential relative to other process concepts."

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