TEG Group’s London biomass plant acquired by new JV

A biomass plant in Dagenham, UK, previously owned by green power firm TEG Group has been handed over to new owners TEG Biogas.

The group will provide ongoing operating and maintenance services to TEG Biogas under a 15-year contract, with annual revenues of approximately £1.3 million.

The Dagenham facility will process 50,000 tonnes of food and green waste per year via both In-Vessel-Composting (IVC) and Anaerobic Digestion (AD) technologies.

Generating approximately 1.4MW of electricity, the plant - Central London's first - will produce enough energy to power approximately 2,000 homes and each year produce over 36,000 tonnes in AD digestate and 14,000 tonnes of compost for agricultural use.

TEG Biogas is a joint venture between TEG, which has a 24.5% stake, and its funding partners led by Foresight Group.

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