Taylor Biomass plant to handle Newburgh garbage

In New York, US, a biomass plant, which has not yet been built, will handle waste from the Newburgh area, the city's council has decided.

The deal will cost the city around $14 (€9.8) less per tonne of waste to dispose of.

'Everything that you put out in regular garbage would be in the garbage that we would send out with our trucks and the price that we would get is $66 per tonne. Right now, we pay $79-80 a tonne, but that is scheduled to go up because it goes up in incremental amounts,' says the city's mayor Nicholas Valentine.

Materials that can be recycled, however, will continue to be sent to Hudson Baylor, which is located in Newburgh.

Taylor Biomass is responsible for the biomass plant, which is currently being constructed in Montgomery.

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