Tauron to invest in biomass

In Poland, Tauron, the nation's second-largest utility company, is planning to switch from burning coal at its Tychy-based power plant to burning biomass.

The project will cost Tauron zt120 million (€30 million) and it has taken out a zt30 million loan from the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management to part-finance the conversion.

The conversion will be completed in two phases. The facility's existing boiler will first be modified so it can handle biomass, before new infrastructure is built at the site. The project will be completed by the end of 2015, with the adapted boiler operational in 2012.

Finland-based technology company Metso Power has been contracted complete the conversion of the plant.

'The reconstruction of the production facilities at the Tychy power plant stems from the need to adapt this source to meet the new emissions standards which will come into force at the beginning of 2016,' says Joanna Schmid, vice-chairman of the management at Tauron Polska Energia. 'Maintaining current structures wouldn't allow us to meet the new requirements.'

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