Tanzania urged to do more for biogas production

Tong Boitin of Germany-based biogas company BioEnergy Berlin GmbH has called on the Tanzanian government to do more to encourage biogas production in the nation’s rural areas.

Boitin went on to say that Tanzania should follow in China’s footsteps by implementing a National Plan to improve its renewable energy situation.

‘In 1958 chairman Mao ordered the government to develop and promote biogas production when he inspected the biogas digesters in the rural areas of Wuhan and Anhui. He was quoted saying that because biogas can light lamps, cook food and act as fertiliser. It should be well developed and promoted,' Boitin said.

According to China’s National Plan for rural households biogas development states that biogas digesters will be present in 40 million homes by the end of 2010. This would result in an estimated 15.5 billion m3 of biogas being produced every year.

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