Tan Delta Systems welcomes DAPONA to its global distributor programme

Chris Greenwood
Chris Greenwood
Tan Delta Systems, a leading global manufacturer of real-time oil quality monitoring sensors and systems, has announced DAPONA as a distributor of Tan Delta’s best in class SENSE technology.
Tan Delta technology has been proven to save biogas plants - and many other industrial sectors - up to 50% on its oil usage, reduce costly unplanned maintenance and help customers reach their ESG targets.
DAPONA, a global monitoring technology integrator based in Switzerland, specialises in leveraging plant efficiencies through the monitoring of all site assets from fire technologies to dispensing systems, to oil condition monitoring - which is where great synergy exists between DAPONA and Tan Delta.
DAPONA has already partnered with Tan Delta on an installation at a biogas plant in Germany, and sees huge potential to integrate Tan Delta’s oil condition monitoring solutions alongside its various other plant efficiency monitoring technologies.
At the biogas plant in Germany, the twin biogas engines - used to generate green electricity - are now benefitting from a 100% extension of the OEM recommended oil change intervals, saving the customer around €3,000 per year per engine on oil use alone.
Chris Greenwood, CEO at Tan Delta Systems said: “Our SENSE real-time monitoring detects minute oil composition changes at a molecular level, offering predictive maintenance data and making our overall solution unique.
"It can be fitted easily and efficiently to any existing equipment in any application and is configurable to any oil type. Our technology has been proven to deliver a return on investment in just a few months.
"DAPONA is a highly respected monitoring technology integrator and has an impressive customer footprint in Europe. It too sees the bioenergy sector and biogas plants in particular as a huge opportunity – so it makes total sense for us to join forces and I’m delighted to welcome DAPONA to the Tan Delta stable.”

Alexander Fritz

Alexander Fritz, CTO of DAPONA AG, said: “We’re incredibly excited to become a Tan Delta distributor and add the company’s world-leading SENSE oil condition monitoring technology to our IoT-based efficiency and risk management solution.
"This unbeatable joint offering enables us to provide a solution in the biogas and other specific markets, to improve overall efficiency and manage risks. We are looking forward to extending our partnership with Tan Delta further in the future.”
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Chris Greenwood

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