Tamar Energy and Amey to convert Isle of Wight food waste into renewable energy

Tamar Energy and Amey have signed a five-year deal that will see the anaerobic digestion (AD) operator convert approximately 5,000 tonnes per annum of municipal food waste from the Isle of Wight into a valuable biofertiliser and generate low carbon, baseload electricity.

Amey, a public services provider, will deliver the kerbside food waste collected on behalf of Isle of Wight Council to the AD operator's Basingstoke plant.

Tamar Energy also works with other local authorities such as Essex County Council and Hampshire County Council, ensuring that household food and green waste is extracted from the residual waste stream and recycled into renewable energy and biofertiliser.

Charlie Flounders, Tamar Energy's head of feedstock, says: 'This contract represents a partnership with one of the UK's leading waste management service providers. It ensures food waste is used to generate green electricity for UK homes, rather than being buried or burned. It's another demonstration that AD is a genuine waste management option for local authorities that delivers tangible financial and environmental benefits.'

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