Talbot delivers wastewater AD plant in South Africa

South Africa-based wastewater solutions company Talbot has installed the first Econvert Eco Digester on the African continent.

Econvert Water and Energy, Talbot's technology partner, is a European specialist in the delivery of anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas water treatment solutions. Talbot has the exclusive rights to the technology across Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

The AD wastewater treatment facility was prefabricated and installed in a glass-reinforced plastic tank before being transported from Durban to the company's Gauteng-based production facility. It will be used in the processing of wastewater generated in the manufacture of sport and soft drinks by one of the continent's largest producers of 'fast-moving' consumer goods.

Talbot has been designing and building anaerobic digesters across Africa for large wastewater producers for more than 20 years and considers the Eco Digester a 'game-changer' for smaller producers, who previously struggled with the costs.

The Eco Digester offers beverage producers, breweries, distilleries, food processors, dairies, sugar and pulp mills a cost-effective way of enhancing water recovery and use, according to Talbot. The system also generates 'notable cost savings' in wastewater disposal, and helps companies to achieve environmental compliance.

Using an AD system, production facilities can generate biogas to utilise renewable energy in their processes.

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