Synthica Energy procures State construction permit for Kentucky RNG facility

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Synthica Energy has been issued the primary construction permit from the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Department of Environmental Protection for an anaerobic digestion facility in Lebanon Junction, Kentucky.
Located near the intersection of I-65 and South Preston Highway, Synthica’s facility will be the largest organics-to-energy facility in Kentucky, and the first of its kind to provide reliable energy conversion of distillery and brewery byproducts - without relying on biosolids or land application for disposal of high strength digestate.
By creating close relationships with Kentucky food and beverage manufacturers, Synthica said it has secured feedstocks to process at the plant that will produce approximately 650,000 MMBTU of carbon negative RNG per year - offsetting the region’s reliance on fossil natural gas.
This project is expected to be completed in late 2024 and process 400,000 tonnes per year of food waste that otherwise ends up in landfills or local waterways, emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
“The City and our engineers are looking forward to a working relationship with Synthica in anticipation of creating a great asset to our community,” said Larry Dangerfield, mayor of Lebanon Junction.
Sam Schutte, CEO of Synthica, commented: “The need for an anaerobic digestion facility capable of processing the complex nutrient load produced by Kentucky’s Bourbon industry - as well as food manufacturing industry - has been discussed state-wide for many years.
"While other biofuel developers have unsuccessfully attempted to solve this problem, Synthica’s pragmatic approach, combined with the backing of some of the strongest blue chip companies in the business, means our facility will be a reliable, dependable part of local infrastructure.”

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