Synergy Biogas produces renewable energy for the state of New York

New York's largest on-farm, 'co-digestion' biogas power project, located at Synergy Dairy in Covington, Wyoming County, has been opened.

The facility was constructed by CH4 Biogas, who, under the name Synergy Biogas, also owns and operates the project.

It is designed specifically for the co-digestion of food and animal waste, generating 1.4 MW of renewable electricity, making it an important addition to the state's efforts to make a more sustainable agricultural sector.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has provided incentives worth $1 million (€0.76 million) for the facility, which has created six new jobs.

The National Grid is purchasing electricity generated by the project, which will reportedly produce around 10,000 MW-hours of renewable energy annually. The National Grid also provided a $750,000 (€570,989.93) grant through its Renewable Energy and Economic Development Program, absorbing the construction costs of the substation that connects the plant to the grid.

The Synergy project illustrates how NYSERDA incentives support the acquisition, installation and operation of more anaerobic digester gas-to-energy systems.

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