Swedish shipping firm Terntank orders two biogas tankers

Swedish shipping company Terntank has ordered two liquefied biogas (LBG)/liquefied natural gas- (LNG) powered tankers from AVIC Dingheng Shipbuilding in China. The newly-built tankers were designed by Kongsberg (ex-Rolls-Royce) and will be in operation in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea in 2021.

The AVIC SERIES 2.0 vessels will help Terntank continue its journey as a leader in environmentally-efficient and safe shipping. According to the company, the protection of the marine environment and maritime safety has always been a top priority. Terntank was the first shipowner to order LNG-powered product tankers in 2013.

Terntank’s new vessels will significantly reduce carbon footprint and environmental impacts in the supply chain with LBG/LNG-powered engines, hybrid battery systems and on-shore power.

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