Swedish CHP plant plans upgrade to biofuel-fired boiler

Technology supplier Metso is to provide a Swedish combined heat and power plant with a biofuel-fired boiler.

The plant, based in Torsvik and owned by Jönköping Energi (JE), is expanding and the new 100MW unit will serve to help meet district heating and electric power needs of Jönköping municipality.

The expansion the CHP plant represents a significant investment for the municipality of Jönköping as the new systems will replace the use of refined biofuels with primary biomass fuels. The new boiler, utilising bubbling fluidised bed technology (BFB), will mainly use wood chip feedstock.

It will produce approximately 340GW an hour of heat per year, corresponding to the heating needs of 17,000 single-family homes. The production of electricity will amount to 130GW per hour a year, corresponding to the power consumption of roughly 25,000 households.

‘This is an important contract for the continuation of the expansion project, as well as its largest. We look forward to co-operating with Metso on this project," says JE MD Håkan Stigmarker.

The expanded CHP plant will be commissioned during the autumn of 2014.

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