Swedish Biogas sees 145% increase sales to haulage sector

Swedish Biogas increased sales to the haulage sector by 145% in 2021 when compared to 2020.

The company, which produces and distributes biogas as a vehicle fuel in solid and liquid form, said players in the transport sector are increasingly investing in renewable biogas in liquid (LBG) and compressed (CBG) form.

Tekniska verken, Swedish Biogas’s parent company, manufactures and densifies the biogas that Swedish Biogas delivers to the transport and industrial sector in Linköping. As a locally produced product, the price can be kept at a stable level and customers do not have to depend on volatile fossil fuel prices, the company said.

Just over two years after Swedish Biogas started selling LBG for trucks, the company continues to invest in the haulage segment. A third LBG filling station is due to open in Norrköping this year.

“For long distance heavy transport that wants to switch to fossil-free, there are not many sustainable alternatives,” said Erik Nordell, product manager for LBG at Tekniska verken in Linkoping.

“The biogas at our filling stations is currently about 30-35% cheaper than diesel, at the same time as it is completely renewable. LBG is a solution that is available here and now at an attractive price for heavy trucks.”

Patrik Aronsson, product manager for CBG at Tekniska verken, commented: “On the one hand, we make it easier for our customers to minimise their net CO2 emissions compared to diesel and petrol, and on the other hand, we get a circular economy thanks to biogas.

“Our biogas is produced from food waste and other residual products and it feels good when we can end the cycle."

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