Sweden to meet 2030 renewable targets with help of Göteborg Energi's biogas plant

Swedish energy company Göteborg Energi has opened its new demonstration plant – GoBiGas – which will produce large volumes of biogas through the gasification of biomass.

The gasification technology installed at the site makes it possible to produce biofuel that will fuel 15,000 cars or 400 buses annually.

According to Kia Andreasson, municipal councillor and chairman of Göteborg's board of directors, 'GoBiGas is needed if Sweden is to achieve the goal of a fossil-free vehicle fleet by 2030. The plant will also be an important contribution in the transition to a sustainable society in Gothenburg.'

She continues: 'Biogas is the next step of development. Natural gas is a fossil fuel and now is the time to transaction and get more biogas in the grid. The use of fossil fuels in the transport sector is 90%. The need for fuel is therefore enormous and the production of biogas will play a crucial role there, but it is also very important to move freight to rail and marine transports.'

'To transition the transport sector from a dependency on fossil fuels to fossil-free, long-term conditions and effective policy instruments are needed,' says Göteborg Energi's CEO Lotta Brändström.

A larger, commercial-scale plant is now being planned.

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