Swedavi receives green aviation fuel at Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Swedavi, a state-owned group that owns, operates and develops ten airports across Sweden, has received sustainable aviation fuel at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, which has been supplied by SkyNRG and Air BP.

It marks the start of deliveries of sustainable aviation fuel through the Fly Green Fund and demonstrates Swedavia’s commitment to sustainable aviation.

Fly Green Fund is the first of its kind in the world and enables organisations and individuals in the Nordics to reduce their carbon footprint, by flying on sustainable aviation fuel.

Swedavia joined Fly Green Fund as launching partner two years ago and also became a corporate customer of Fly Green Fund.

Swedavia is the first corporate in the world buying sustainable aviation fuel for all their business flights through Fly Green Fund. “We at Swedavia want to lead the way and help increase the demand for aviation biofuel,” said Lena Wennberg, environment director for Swedavia.

“It is a milestone in many ways for Fly Green Fund and our partners today. By buying sustainable aviation fuel for their staff flights, Swedavia reduces its own carbon footprint and contributes to developing a sustainable future for aviation. Other corporate customers like Löfbergs, Resia and our Swish-customers have contributed as well. We are grateful to everyone that has been part of this. It is a real joint effort and shows that together we can grow the sustainable aviation market in the Nordics. We have set an example for others to follow,” said Maria Fiskerud, managing director for Fly Green Fund. 

SkyNRG organised the sustainable aviation fuel deliveries to Arlanda Airport for Fly Green Fund, in which now also SAS, KLM and EFS are partners. The sustainable aviation fuel is produced by biorefinery AltAir Fuels in the US and supplied by SkyNRG and Air BP via the common fuel infrastructure running to and at the airport. 

“It is great to see that so much is happening in the Nordics. After founding the Fly Green Fund two years ago and after a lot of ground work, this is a huge result thanks to Swedavia. It is a good example that airports are perfectly positioned to support the development of sustainable aviation fuels,” said Theye Veen, CFO for SkyNRG. 


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