Suzuki partners with Indian National Dairy Development Board for biogas project

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Japanese automobile giant Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC) announced on 1 September that it has signed a memorandum of India's National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) to initiate a biogas demonstration project designed to accelerate carbon neutrality in the nation.
In establishing the joint endeavour, Suzuki and NDDB will undertake joint studies to evaluate the business model for the future commercialisation of biogas and its potential for widespread use.
SMC president Toshihiro Suzuki said: "While aiming to realise carbon net zero in India, SMC will also contribute in revitalising rural communities and improving energy self-efficiency."
In India, there are many cows whose excrement contains methane with a greenhouse effect 28 times more than that of C02 emissions.
"The project will consider suppressing atmospheric emission of methane and refining fuel for automobilies from methane contained in cowdung," an SMC statement said.
The residue from the biogas can also be used as organic fertiliser, which would contirbute to the promotion policy of this by the Indian government.
"By establishing such a business model and deploying it throughout India, we believe we can contribute not only to revitalising rural communities, creating new jobs, recycling waste, improving energy self-sufficiency and creating a recycling-oriented society," SMC commented.

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