Suzuki installs biogas facility at Indian factory

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Suzuki Motor Corporation's Indian subsidiary, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. (MSIL), has installed a pilot plant for biogas generation & purification at its Manesar Plant in Haryana, India.
The plant started operations in June this year.
This facility is a functioning pilot plant, generating biogas from Napier grass, a perennial grass of the Poaceae family, cultivated on the premises of the Manesar factory, and food waste from the plant canteen.
The purified gas is used for cooking at the canteen and in the production process.
The residue is used as organic fertiliser for internal horticulture.
The plant is expected to produce 0.2 tonnes of biogas per day, resulting in reduction of about 190 tonnes of CO2 annually.
MSIL has been promoting the use of renewable energy in various forms in India, such as installation of solar panels at each plant, and utilisation of green electricity.
Maruti Suzuki will invest a total of 4.5 billion rupees (approximately 7.9 billion yen) in renewable energy-related initiatives over three years from FY2024.
Suzuki said it will continue to strive for a carbon-neutral society by reducing environmental impact through its renewable energy initiatives.

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