Sustainable Biomass Program publishes 2018 annual report

Carsten Huljus, chief executive officer for the Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP), “We concluded the work on our governance transition process to finish the year with multi-stakeholder governance arrangements in place. Our annual report introduces all those stakeholders who have taken on a governing role under the new structure.”

The report shows SBP continued growth in the biomass market has, with just over 9 million tonnes of SBP-certified biomass produced and sold by biomass producers during the year, an increase of 80% on 2017. A data-transfer system ensures that all SBP-certified biomass from production to consumption is tracked and accompanied by verified data, including energy and carbon data.

“In evaluating how SBP makes a difference, we report on our six key impacts that define the intended outcomes from the implementation of our certification system. In addition to the activities of SBP, we report on stakeholder perspectives and the actions of those in the supply chain towards achieving our desired outcomes.”

The full report is available here.

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