Support for small-scale biomass projects

The UK government has set targets stating that 12% of all heat will be generated from a renewable source by 2020. This will be supported by the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), confirmed by Westminster in October 2010.

With this in mind renewable energy consultancy Natural Power has developed a rapid ‘heat assessment’ package aimed at small-scale biomass projects which provides initial feasibility surveys, technology selection and sizing of potential systems.

The assessment package is specifically aimed at community projects.

Natural Power is said to be positioning itself to support following the formation of a dedicated biomass team led by Dan Gates.

Gates, biomass manager at Natural Power, comments: ‘We can see that with the forthcoming Renewable Heat Incentive there is a real need for independent and expert assessments of renewable heat projects. Natural Power has developed a robust assessment package for anyone looking at a small-scale renewable heat projects between 50kW to 3MW.’

Projects so far include studies for community and leisure centres in Ullapool, Scotland, a nursing home, also in Scotland, and the design for communal district heating for a housing association in Stirling.

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