Supply contract signed for energy grass in Jamaica

Viaspace, a producer of renewable Giant King Grass as a low carbon fuel for clean electricity generation, has signed a supply contract with bioenergy project developer ReSource Bioenergy to supply its energy grass for bioenergy projects in Jamaica.

ReSource, which is incorporated in New York and has operations in California and Jamaica, is working to develop a commercially viable business model that serves the 'triple bottom line: planet, people and profilt'. ReSource and its affiliate Jamaica Bioenergy, based in Kingston, have a shared mission to achieve zero carbon energy independence for Jamaica by 2025.

As Viaspace CEO Carl Kukkonen explains: 'We have been working with ReSource for nine months. We have signed a confidentiality agreement as well as the Giant King Grass supply contract. Fresh cut samples of Giant King Grass from our California nursery were sent to ReSource for laboratory analyses for suitability as a feedstock for bioenergy. The results were very encouraging, and this resulted in the contract and shipment. We agree that Giant King Grass has great potential in Jamaica. We now have Giant King Grass growing in St Croix US Virgin Islands, Nicaragua, Guyana and Jamaica.'

ReSource co-founder and CEO Tom McGrath adds: 'Giant King Grass is an important energy feedstock for zero carbon energy independence in Jamaica.'

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