Sumitomo Heavy Industries secures 74 MW-class biomass boiler

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Sumitomo Heavy Industries has secured an order from Tosoh Corporation for a 74 MW-class wood biomass and recycled fuel-fired boiler, for the planned construction site at its Nanyo Complex in Shunan City - based on the engineering, procurement and construction contract.
This facility is a boiler for a biomass power plant toward energy decarbonisation that is planned by Tosoh Corporation. It is a high-efficiency biomass-fired boiler that uses wood-based fuel as its primary fuel and employs the reheating system - technology that makes high-efficiency power plant possible by sending steam that was expanded in a steam turbine back to the boiler, reheating it, and then sending it back to the steam turbine.
The type of boiler to be used is a circulating fluidised bed (CFB) boiler, which has a large share of the high-efficiency biomass power plant sector. The SHI Group has supplied more than 530 CFB boilers in Japan and abroad. Tosoh Corporation's high regard for SHI's delivery record and project proposal were leading factors in its decision to use a SHI CFB boiler in its project, the company said.
SHI added it will continue pursuing exceptional fuel diversity in CFB boiler technology and supplying high-efficiency power facilities with the aim of effectively utilising resources and reducing environmental impact. SHI will contribute to the stable supply of electric power and utilities and the realisation of a decarbonised society.

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