Sugar producer Sunoko opens biogas plant in Serbia

Serbian sugar producer Sunoko, a member of MK Group, has opened an on-site biogas plant to produce electricity.

With an investment of over €9 million, the plant produces around 2.4 MW of electricity per hour and provides enough annual power for around 5,000 households.

The plant in the town of Vrbas uses technology from Wabio Technologie, a German company that has been creating advanced sustainable energy solutions for 25 years.

“Although Serbia, as an agrarian country, has exceptional potential when it comes to renewable energy sources, today we have only 15 biogas plants,” said Zoran Stojak, technical director at Sunoko.

“Sunoko, as part of the MK Group, has decided to use waste raw materials and by-products from sugar beet to produce electricity.

“With such innovative projects, our group contributes to the protection of the environment, but also more efficient and sustainable business.”

The use of biogas, while preserving natural resources, improves Serbia’s energy balance by increasing the share of renewable energy sources in total production and contributes to achieving the Serbian Government’s goal of increasing its renewable energy share to at least 40% by 2040.

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