Suez making ‘steady progress’ at UK Eco Park with AD facilities

UK recycling firm Suez' Eco Park, currently under construction in Surrey, UK, is making 'steady progress', according to the company. The site is in the final stages of testing for the anaerobic digestion (AD) facility and 'ongoing hot commissioning' of the gasification facility.

Once completed, the Eco Park will handle and process bulky waste, recyclables and residual waste from homes in northern Surrey, food waste from homes around Surrey and waste from local businesses.

According to Suez, to date, the AD facility has processed 11,000 tonnes of food waste and generated 2.5 GWh of energy - enough to power 700 homes for a year. A trial operation was completed at the facility in October 2019 and minimum performance tests began on 9 October.

The AD facility is now in the final stage of performance testing and the plant is now receiving all of Surrey's food waste. The Animal and Plant Health Agency has also inspected the facility and granted final, permanent approval under the Animal By-Products Regulations to process kitchen waste on-site.

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