Suez invests in waste to energy projects

The plastic pollution to electricity project and biomass generator start-up aims to provide solutions for domestic and commercial problems.

The company invested €4.2 million into ETIA Group, which provides services for handling plastic pollution through energy production, and COGEBIO, a start-up focused on developing biomass generators.

ETIA Group is partnered with the Race for Water Foundation, a charity dedicated to water preservation by supporting reuse solutions for waste plastic and the circular economy in general as an alternative to them being discarded in waterways.

Suez cited “favourable economic and regulatory environments” in Europe as factors in the growing biomass from waste industries.

Loïc Voisin, Senior VP Group Innovation, Marketing and Business Performance for Suez, said in a statement: “These investments fit in perfectly with the strategy of Suez, a key player in the circular economy. They allow the Group to expand its production of green, decentralised energy by developing new ways of recovering collected and transformed waste.”

Suez plans on assisting in technical as well as commercial areas in these projects, in an effort to expand the capabilities of existing decentralised biomass energy production.

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