SUEZ acquires Czech waste-to-biogas firm APBB

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SUEZ has acquired a 60% stake of Anaerobic Power Biogas Power Benešov (APBB), a pioneer in methanisation in Czechia, which will allow it to convert waste into biogas. The move sees Suez expanding the scope of its activities in the country.
CAYAN Holdings Limited (CAYAN), which currently holds 100% of the shares, will retain the remaining 40% stake in the company.
Founded in 2009 and based in Benesov, APBB treats biowaste from households, the food processing industry and supermarkets and restaurants in Prague and its suburbs, converting it into biogas. To do so, it utilises an anaerobic digestion (AD) process. The biogas is then converted into electricity, which is fed into Czechia's national grid.
A pioneer in the methanisation sector in the Czech Republic, APBB has developed a waste pre-treatment process involving deconditioning, shredding and extraction of non-organic matter, which ensures high stability of the organic matter for an optimal AD process.
With 20 employees, APBB is one of the country's top AD plants. The company recovers 25,000 tons of waste a year. The plant produces an average of 8 GWh a year, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of a town of 3,000 inhabitants, avoiding the equivalent of more than 4,000 tons of CO2.
Furthermore, the digestate, the residue from methanisation, is also used as a fertiliser for agriculture.
SUEZ said the acquisition opens new growth prospects in Czechia, where the group has been operating for over 30 years via four dedicated water companies.
Sabrina Soussan, chairman and CEO of Suez, said: "With APBB, SUEZ is extending its range of services for municipalities and industry in the Czech Republic, creating value throughout the life cycle of their waste. This acquisition is fully in line with the Group's commitment to the recovery of bio-waste, a 100% green energy, produced and distributed locally, which contributes to the energy and ecological transition of its customers."
Akram Alrabayah, CEO of CAYAN, commented: "We are very pleased for the partnership with SUEZ group, their entry into APBB operations and know-how. This step will help APBB further expand its green technology in the Czech Republic. APBB targets to drive and lead waste processing innovation into energy and beyond making Europe a prime leader and example in sustainability and climate change solutions."

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