STX Group moves beyond biomethane’s traditional financing model

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STX Group recently announced an innovative partnership with BioValue. Sead Keric, managing partner of renewable gas at STX Group, reveals more.
STX Group is a leading global environmental commodity trader and climate solutions provider, which is committed to accelerating the global transition towards a low-carbon economy. It sees renewable natural gas (RNG) as instrumental to this transition.
The organisation’s interest in biomethane goes back to 2013, Keric told Bioenergy Insight.
“The initial draw was the German feed-in tariff (EEG) which incentivised using biomethane in combined heat and power plants for renewable electricity generation. This, along with similar programmes in other European countries like Sweden's energy and CO2 taxes, demonstrated the potential of biomethane for decarbonisation.”
He added that STX Group’s recent activity in the biogas sector, including a partnership with Perpetual Next Conversions on a biogenic CO2 project in February this year, shows intense activity beyond biomethane production and trading. The company intends to rethink climate finance and enhance partnerships and collaborations across...

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