Strategic manoeuvring into the German market

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In April this year, Scandinavian Biogas, now trading as Biokraft International AB, announced a €90 million investment for the construction of two biogas plants in Germany, alongside plans to establish a subsidiary in the German market. Matti Vikkula, president and CEO, explains why this is an important move.
Based in Sweden and Norway, Biokraft's home market is North Europe - namely, Germany, the Nordics, Benelux and Poland.
“In these markets we are looking for growth and investment opportunities,” said Vikkula. “Currently, the majority of our activities are in South Sweden and Germany.”
Biokraft is focusing mainly on growth within the agricultural space, added Vikkula. The company only produces biogas from organic waste streams and not from biomass crops. It utilises sludge from wastewater treatment, sorted household waste, slaughter waste, dead salmon that has been pre-treated as silage and some effluents from pulp and paper.
This means it uses different bio-streams and manures, both in Sweden and Germany, as the main source of raw material and feedstock.
The firm is looking to achieve 1.2 TWh capacity by 2026, which means it will...

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