StormFisher and Modern Niagara’s carbon reduction solution

StormFisher and Modern Niagara have partnered to utilise renewable natural gas (RNG) as a carbon reduction solution for building infrastructure across Canada. The agreement allows Modern Niagara to acquire RNG from StormFisher's Ontario-based anaerobic digestion facility which produces biogas from food waste. 

Instead of arriving at landfills, food waste obtained by StormFisher undergoes a process that creates RNG. The newly created RNG is then captured, cleaned and injected into the existing natural gas network to be used for the same applications as conventional natural gas. 

Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced when methane is captured and repurposed as RNG, rather than being released directly into the atmosphere. RNG will be available to Modern Niagara's clients and is 100 percent compatible with existing natural gas equipment. 

"We are looking forward to working with StormFisher to enhance our sustainable service offerings. This partnership will allow us to offer an effective greenhouse gas reduction solution to our clients, helping them reach their sustainability goals and in turn reduce the negative impact that buildings have on the environment," said Chris Hill, chief operating officer, Modern Niagara Group Inc. "We also aim to blend RNG as a solution to our own carbon reduction journey. We are committed to becoming a net-zero organisation by 2030. “In 2022 alone, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint from the energy consumption of our buildings in Ontario by 30 percent, based on 2019 benchmarks." 

The StormFisher biogas facility is based in London, Ontario, and converts over 100,000 tonnes of organic waste each year into renewable energy and organic-based fertiliser. StormFisher provides food waste recycling services to Ontario's municipalities' food processors and food retailers. 

The facility is owned by Generate Capital, PBC which has partnered with StormFisher to scale the biogas industry in Canada. 


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