StormFisher adds third anaerobic digester to Ontario facility

StormFisher has increased its organic waste processing capacity through the construction of a third anaerobic digester at its facility in London, Ontario.

Accompanied by an RNG upgrading system, the plant is now the largest food waste AD facility in Canada. The plant repurposes food waste to provide heat to 2,500 homes in Ontario and also support transport with sustainable fuel.

Construction of the third digester began in 2020. The additional digester, which increases food waste intake capacity by 30%, was constructed by engineered storage systems firm, Greatario.

The expansion was made possible by StormFisher’s partnership with Generate, a North American sustainable infrastructure company, which owns and operates the London plant in partnership with StormFisher.

“Our in-house team of expert engineers, maintenance technicians and operators allows StormFisher to provide the best service to both our feedstock providers and energy customers,” said Pearce Fallis, vice president of operations at StormFisher.

“This new digester is part of our commitment to bringing innovative solutions for organic waste to market, and an exciting part of our growth in capabilities across waste collection, AD, biogas production, and RNG upgrading.”

StormFisher’s new RNG upgrading system provides energy for heat as well as transport to customers in Canada, all from renewable sources. The company can produce 225,000 GJ of RNG – enough to displace over 6.2 million litres of diesel fuel. In the summer of 2021, the firm provided FortisBC with over 60,000 GJ of energy through a long-term partnership.

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