Stirling DK builds biomass plant in Germany

Energy systems company Danish Stirling DK has commissioned a four-engine biomass plant at the spa resort of Tabbs in Tabarz, Thuringia, Germany.

The plant, the first of its kind in the world according to the company, is powered by wood chips given from the local area, generating 4,000MWh of heat and 1,000MWh of electricity each year, which is the highest the amount for Stirling DK so far.

The power will run the spa and generate all the electricity needed in the building. Lars Jagd, the CEO of the company, says the development was only made possible because of a partnership with Siemens Building Technologies Division.

The biomass technology produces very little dust and the wood is sourced from nearby without needing much pre-treatment, which Stirling DK says ‘minimises the total carbon impact on the plant’.

A further two four engine plants are being built in the UK where they will provide base-load heating, cooling and electricity for two retail centres.

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