Stirling Cryogenics, AB partner on liquid biomethane plants

Dutch firm Stirling Cryogenics, part of the HYSYTECH group, has partnered with Italian firm AB on the design, construction, installation, and maintenance of liquid biomethane production plants with cryogenerators.

The technology developed by Stirling is based on a consolidated process, already used worldwide in over 3,000 cryogenic installations, employing a ‘proven technology’ developed over decades of operation in various sectors, from superconductors to nuclear-physics research.

As part of the agreement, AB will produce a product line called CH4LNG, the liquefier designed as a single unit, set up with cryogenerators built by Stirling for bio-LNG systems up to 12 tons per day, suitable for the liquefaction of biomethane for small and medium-sized biogas upgrading plants.

Combined with the BIOCH4NGE upgrading solution (AB’s product line for biogas upgrading), CH4LNG allows the transformation of biogas into bio-LNG to be carbon-neutral, contributing to the energy transition and decarbonisation effort.

The agreement combines both companies’ strengths to create opportunities in the biomethane and bio-LNG market.

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