Sterling TT’s CACW coolers to be installed at new Japanese biomass plant

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Sterling TT has been selected to design and manufacture bespoke CACW coolers for a biomass-fired power generation facility in Fukuyama town, Hiroshima Prefecture. This planned biomass power facility is set to commence operation in May 2025. It is predicted to produce enough electricity for 120,000 households in Japan each year.

Sterling Thermal Technology is a UK-based heat exchanger manufacturer with experience supplying heat exchanger equipment to the renewable power industry. Their speciality is in the design and manufacture of bespoke equipment.

The CACW coolers from Sterling TT will be designed to custom specifications to equip the generator at the heart of the biomass plant.

Biomass is increasingly being used in power plants in Japan. The Fukuyama plant will be fuelled by wood pellets and unused thinned wood produced in Hiroshima Prefecture.

The process starts by burning the briquettes, which will generate steam that will power a steam turbine. This turbine turns a generator and produces electricity. The CACW coolers are essential for controlling this process, preventing overheating and ensuring efficiency.

Olu Baptist, commercial director at Sterling TT, said: “I am delighted that we at Sterling TT continue to expand our commitment to drive the energy transition to more ecological sources. It is pleasing to know that the outcome of this strategic focus will power many households and contribute to a greener future both locally and, in this case, globally.” 

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