Statistical report details bioenergy’s role in approved REDII

With the European Parliament’s approval of the revised Renewable Energy Directive (REDII), Brussels-based trade association Bioenergy Europe has released its annual collection of updated statistics, Bioenergy Europe’s Statistical Report, to provide insight into bioenergy’s role in REDII and more.

You can download the report here.

According to the association, 83% of Europe’s energy is sourced from fossil fuels. It describes this as an ‘enormous’ challenge for the future and will certainly impact the European Union’s (EU) goals of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Despite this, Bioenergy Europe states that the directive is a step in the right direction, placing a stronger focus on the heating & cooling sector.

Statistics from the report support this emphasis: 81% of the heat used in European households, public buildings and factories is sourced from fossil fuels. Bioenergy Europe states that these households specifically are in a ‘dire’ need of change, as 76% of their heating needs are fossil fuelled.

It is noted in the trade association’s release that the directive ensures that bioenergy is produced within a ‘sustainable framework’. The safety and legality of the wood supply will, according to Bioenergy Europe, guarantee an adequate regeneration of forests, preserving or improving production capacity.

More figures and statistics surrounding bioenergy’s future role in Europe’s ‘needed’ energy transition can be found in the report.

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