Standardisation: the key to driving investment into bioenergy

Ecostrat, a North American firm focused on biomass feedstock supply and supply chain risk mitigation, explains how a standardised approach is key to boosting bioenergy investment

Moving away from the traditional fossil fuel energy paradigm is a slow and incremental process and achieving this transition over the next decade will require the coordination of many things. Consistent technology development, innovation, and a progressive replacement of conventional energy sources with renewable alternatives are all needed as we phase towards a more environmentally conscious future. Bioenergy is a major component of this transition, but by many estimates, production still needs to increase for major, long term global sustainability goals to be met.

How can this transition be most effectively facilitated and accelerated? The key lies in standardisation.

Development is lagging

According to projections from the International Energy Agency (IEA), achievement of the Clean Energy Sustainable Development Goal will require sustained, ongoing increases in bioenergy production, including a...

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