St1 acquires E.ON Biofor Sverige in Sweden

Energy company St1 has acquired E.ON Biofor Sverige from E.ON Energilösningar.

The acquired company now operates under the name St1 BioGas (registration pending) and its 35 biogas professionals joined St1.

St1 is now a major biogas player in Sweden with around a 30% market share in the traffic segment. St1 BioGas’ operations are located in urban areas of southern Sweden as well as Stockholm. The company produces, imports and exports biogas and delivers it to customers through several sales channels.

St1 has six biogas production and upgrading units, two of which are partly owned subsidiaries, Söderåsen Bioenergi and Falkensbergs Biogas.

“We have identified strategic focus areas where we can best achieve our goal in creating sustainable carbon cycles,” said Mika Wijanen, director of St1 Nordic Oy’s sales business unit.

“By investing in renewable energy and the transition of the energy sector while ensuring the necessary cash flow, we are solving global energy challenges.

“Entering biogas business in all our countries of operation is a concrete step in consistent and long-term implementation of our growth strategy.”

In Norway, St1 has purchased one-third of the shares in Biogas Energi Aksdal from Knapphus og Biogrønn. St1, Knapphus Energi and Nor-log have also agreed to build biogas infrastructure in Norway.

One of St1’s partners, Nor-log Gruppen, has purchased gas-powered trucks and requires a robust network of filling points; Knapphus Energi has extensive experience in the operation of energy stations.

Earlier in June, St1 and food company Valio announced they will establish a joint venture (JV) in Finland to produce renewable biogas from dairy farm manure and other agricultural by-products, mainly as fuel for heavy-duty transport. The JV will target up to 1,000 GWh (1 terawatt-hour) of biogas production by 2030.

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