Spanish firm Norvento enters biogas market

Spanish renewable energy firm Norvento is expanding into the biogas sector, focusing on developing biogas plants and solutions.

Norvento has been operating in this sector since 2013, carrying out research and development, biogas engineering and turnkey projects. The firm says this venture consolidates and unifies its portfolio of solutions, talent and knowledge around biogas.

In a statement, Norvento said its objective is to lead a market with great potential for development in Spain in the coming years, thanks to the maturation of the sector and technology. The firm also credited a more favourable regulatory framework in which the role of renewable technologies has advanced to achieve the objectives of the 2030 Agenda, where biogas is an important element to contribute to a circular economy.

Norvento’s new business line will target both the private sector and public companies, offering them solutions to produce biogas, either for the generation of heat or electricity, or for use as a renewable fuel.

Javier Taibo has been appointed head of Norvento’s biogas business. Taibo has extensive experience in the fields of construction, energy and heavy machinery. “Unlike other markets such as in Germany, where biogas solutions are already consolidated in large numbers, Spain hardly has 200 plants, so its growth potential is exponential if we take into account the possible evaluation of the national regulatory framework and the maturation of technology,” said Taibo, in a statement translated from Spanish.

“Undoubtedly, biogas will have more and more prominence in the energy mix, and Norvento’s previous experience, which we now add in this new branch, places us in a strategic position to lead this sector.”

Norvento will be targeting companies in the primary sector, including food processing and production, and any other waste generator with an organic load. The new biogas team, led by Taibo, will carry out projects in the national market in the first phase, although they will also offer solutions outside Spain. The company will work with the rest of the areas of Norvento to offer comprehensive solutions to its customers, such as photovoltaics or energy storage.

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