Solution approved for Indonesia’s $200 million food waste problem

Greenbelt Resources Corporation has received “Eco Friendly Technology” registration for its ECOsystem process.

Greenbelt claims that the certification gives the company a greenlight to offer its waste-to-energy process as a solution available to address Indonesia’s food waste challenge. Indonesia is the world’s second biggest ‘food waster’ after Saudi Arabia.

The certification (Registration #026/TRL/Reg1/K4K) was officially signed by the Indonesian Secretary General to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry Bambang Henfroyono, head of the agency that awards Ecolabel status to green technologies.

“It’s tragic in our world where so many face starvation that food waste has become such a huge problem,” says Darren Eng, Greenbelt CEO. “However, for the food waste that is naturally unavoidable, especially in agriculture and the food processing industry, Greenbelt’s technology can turn waste expense into new economic value streams, potentially even high-value protein suitable for humans. Greenbelt is already active in Indonesia. We look forward to expanding our relationships and addressing this challenge in a positive way beneficial to the population.”

The ECOsystem process converts food waste into products such as bioethanol, high value protein, fertiliser and potable water. It can be customised to various feedstocks, and to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Ground has already been broken on the first project in Indonesia to use Greenbelt technology, the JababECO waste-to-energy initiative operated by Jababeka Infrastruktur. The memorandum of understanding signing for that event grabbed headlines, attended by Indonesia Vice President Jusuf Kalla and US vice president Mike Pence.

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