Solena signs LOI with Rentech

Bioenergy firm Solena Group has signed a letter of intent with clean energy company Rentech for the use of its proprietary Fischer-Tropsch synthetic fuel technology in Solena’s sustainable biojet fuel project – GreenSky.

The facility will convert more than 500,000 tonnes of waste biomass feedstock into synthesis gas every year using Solena’s plasma gasification technology, BioSynGas. The BioSynGas will then be processed by Rentech’s Fischer-Tropsch technology into 16 million gallons of sustainable jet fuel and 9 million gallons of BioNaphtha.

The facility will also export more than 20MW of baseload renewable power to the grid after powering the entire facility with clean electricity.

Rentech has already completed a preliminary engineering study to help facilitate the integration of the Rentech FT process into the project.

‘Rentech’s iron-based catalyst Fischer-Tropsch process is an ideal fit for Solena’s proprietary gasification solution. Bringing the two technologies together will allow us to create a truly sustainable drop-in jet fuel with the potential to transform the aviation industry,’ said Robert Do, CEO of Solena.

And the president and CEO and Rentech D. Ramsbottom stated: ‘Airlines will soon be included in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and Rentech is one of the few companies whose synthetic fuel technology can provide solutions to help reduce the financial and environmental impact of this legislation in the airline industry.’

The project is expected to create 1,000 construction jobs and 200 full-time positions during operation.

Solena has indentified potential sites in east London and is in discussions with various funding sources to finance the project. Construction of the facility is expected to begin in 2012, with the plant anticipated to be operational by 2014.

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