Snam4Mobility’s hybrid biomethane car embarks on 25,000 km journey

Snam4Mobility's hybrid natural gas and biomethane Toyota C-HR car will cover around 25,000 kilometres in a ‘symbolic’ journey connecting Italy and Japan.

On 10 June, the ‘Rpipartiamo Insieme, Milano-Cortina-Tokyo 2021’ trip began, which will see the car embarking on a journey that will connect the cities of Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzom, locations of the 2026 Winter Olympics, with Tokyo, where the games will be held on 23 July.

The Toyota C-HR, made available by Snam4Mobility and set up by Landi Renzo and Piccini Impianti, is a hybrid vehicle that, powered by biomethane or natural gas, can travel at a very low cost. In the Italian stops, the car will be fuelled entirely by biomethane, with driver Guido Guerrini and journalist Roberto Chiodi at the wheel.

Departing from Tuscany, the Toyota C-HR arrived on 9 June at Snam’s headquarters.

“Snam4Mobility’s hybrid Toyota C-HR that will travel along with Milan-Cortina-Tokyo will be fuelled, on Italian territory, exclusively with biomethane, the renewable gas obtained from agricultural waste,” said Alessio Torelli, Snam’s chief mobility officer.

“This vehicle offers a trivalent solution capable of combining the advantages of electricity with those guaranteed by natural gas and biomethane. Already today, more than 25% of the gas used for transport in Italy is of organic origin and we believe that this solution has great potential for decarbonising mobility of people and goods, from light to heavy vehicles.”

Cristiano Musi, CEO of Landi Renzo, commented: “Landi Renzo is enthusiastic to support this highly symbolic initiative, because it promotes sustainable biomethane gas mobility at an international level, demonstrating how gas from renewable sources represents a clean and reliable alternative, which brings immediate benefits, ensuring excellent vehicle performance.”

“We are happy to participate in the Milan-Cortina-Tokyo because, if it were still needed, it is a new opportunity to demonstrate how natural gas is a winning weapon from all points of view,” added Marco Piccini, owner of Piccini Paolo.

“The car that takes part in the expedition is a hybrid vehicle, therefore already to some extent green from the beginning, and which with the system installed, carries out the cycle of the methane of biomethane heat engine.

“An important leap in quality is thus guaranteed from the point of view of environmental sustainability and economic savings. This will be even more evident in a long and demanding test drive such as the one the crew is preparing to face, which will also make it possible to underline the reliability of the technology used.”

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