Snam and Seat join forces on biomethane solutions

Natural gas conglomerate Snam announced that it has signed a partnership with car manufacturer Seat to promote the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) and renewable gas (biomethane) for sustainable mobility.

The agreement will see both companies explore business and commercial development opportunities that encourage the use of gas and biogas stations, as well as promote the identification of relevant technologies.

“The agreement with Snam enables us to take steps to democratising CNG. Italy is the leading market in the use of this energy and represents 55% of the sale of vehicles powered with this fuel in Europe this year,” said Seat president Luca de Meo.

“For Seat, one out of every five vehicles sold in Italy uses CNG. With this agreement we aim to further enhance the development of compressed natural gas in Italy and export this success case to other countries.”

Seat and Snam will also collaborate in developing mobility services and creating new products, including the technological development of renewable gas biomethane.

“This partnership will strengthen the development of natural gas and biomethane-powered sustainable mobility, both in Italy and across Europe, combining Snam’s innovative infrastructure development, and SEAT’s expertise in rolling out new sustainable models,” said Snam CEO Marco Alverà.

“We believe that natural gas is the most immediate solution to improving air quality in our cities, in addition to having environmental sustainability, performance and economic advantages. The rapid spread of renewable gas has highlighted this. Sustainable mobility is one of the key areas of focus for our 200 million euro investment plan in energy transition businesses.”

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