“Smooth running and more gas yield? The answer lies in the feed system”

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Regardless of what type of feedstock goes into an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant, there are ways to treat it to get the most gas yield from it. The preparation pathway and how the feedstock is managed before it reaches a digester holds the key, believes leading mechanical engineering company, Vogelsang.
With an experienced biogas engineering development team based in Essen, Germany, Vogelsang has developed ‘gold-standard’ systems for feeding solid matter into a mashed form that promotes easy access to the bacteria and the microbiological process.
Since its launch in the UK market in 2015, Vogelsang’s ‘premier’ feed system - the PreMix - has become a popular system for AD plant operators due to its unique design and material quality.
“It’s been about a decade since the biogas boom began in the UK. A lot of PreMixes installed at this time are still operating well and we’re now seeing a lot of plants looking to upgrade or replace their existing feed systems,” said Jonathan Gutteridge, managing director of Vogelsang.
“AD plants need a feed system of hard-wearing and proven machinery that will help them to achieve their wattage...

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