Small scale, big impact

In September, Bright Biomethane opened its first small-scale bio-CNG biogas upgrader to help agricultural businesses to ‘green’ their fleets.

Over the past two years in Houffalize, Belgium, Bright Biomethane has been developing a unique project, upgrading biogas for use in agricultural transportation.

The technology offers a cost-effective system for bio-CNG production through membrane biogas upgrading and the compression of biomethane, all in a small housing.

Bright developed this small-scale system using scalable modular membrane biogas upgrading technology, and an efficient bio-CNG unit, for a client in the grain farming industry. The system enables small-scale biogas producers to convert biogas to bio-CNG. The mini bio-CNG unit in Houffalize has a capacity of 60 Nm3 per hour of biogas and 32 Nm3 per hour of biomethane.

At the site, biogas is extracted from organic residues through anaerobic digestion and then purified to biomethane, before being converted into bio-CNG. Also known as compressed biogas, this is used as a renewable alternative...

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